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Quarrymen gig for the
“Save the Woolton Pool Fund” - Wed 19 Oct

Woolton’s famous Victorian Swimming Baths which opened in 1892 was “temporarily” closed in October 2010 because of a problem with the filtration equipment. However when it became apparent that the Pool had become a victim of council funding cuts a campaign was started to save the pool by two young members of the Woolton Swimming Club, which itself had been founded in 1895. The two youngsters, Elian Sullivan and Jake McClements, both of them still at Junior School, appeared before Liverpool City Council and persuaded the members to allow a stay of execution. Meanwhile the campaign got underway, helped by many Merseysiders including ex-Brookside actor Simon O’Brien. Photo above shows Jake and Elian onstage with the Quarrymen.
On Wed 19 October Len Garry, Colin Hanton and Rod Davis, together with guest bassist Owen Clayton, played at the British Legion Hall, just a few yards away from the Woolton Swimming Pool, supported by well-known Liverpool group The Tambourines (see photo above). Colin and Rod both used to swim at the Baths and Rod, together with Quarry Bank schoolmates John Lennon and Pete Shotton, would be bussed from school every week to spend a happy half-hour splashing in the pool, dive bombing from the top step of the diving board and driving the attendants wild!

We had a great evening and amongst the audience were some old friends, including Doug Chadwick, (below left) who drove the lorry on which the Quarrymen played in the 1957 St Peter’s Rose Queen Procession, Tommy Tewkesbury (below right), an old schoolmate from Quarry Bank and Mr Peter Beech, who was a Science Teacher at Quarry Bank for many years.

The event raised over £2,400 for the campaign to save Woolton’s swimming pool.

For more details of the campaign visit: .

Quarry Bank School - Liverpool
Sat 27 Aug 2011

During the afternoon of Sat 27 August Quarry Bank School Hall once again echoed to the sound of the Quarrymen almost 55 years after their first appearance there during the interval of a School Dance. The event was part of Beatle Week 2011 organised by Cavern City Tours. There were two main indoor stages plus an outdoor acoustic stage. The fun started at 1.00pm  but due to a slight delay some of the audience caught the end of the Quarrymen’s soundcheck which subsequently appeared on Youtube -see below!
Earlier in the afternoon Quarryman Rod Davis, one time Head Boy at Quarry, enjoyed himself showing some visitors around the building and retailing a few anecdotes about the schooldays of his old bandmate John Lennon and pointing out the classrooms used by Woolton House, where John would start his day in school.Many parts of the school buildings had changed little since John’s time, there was even a school desk of the type used in the nineteen fifties.

Five bands from literally all over the world appeared on each main stage and the Quarrymen headed the lineup, starting their set at 5.00pm. Also from all over the world were the visitors - and the Quarrymen got to meet loads of old friends, one of whom, Gerard Lejeune from Belgium, presented them with a very unusual gift. This was  an English language version of a  comic book called ”La Machination Voronov”, one of the “Blake & Mortimer” series created by Edgar Jacobs, who worked with Hergé of Tintin fame. In the story a scene takes place in Woolton on 6 July 1957 as the Quarrymen are playing at St Peter’s Church Fete! One of the characters talks to Paul McCartney as he is watching the Quarrymen’s performance! Fame at last!

This is Gerard himself presenting the comic books.

   Len and Rod with one of their smallest fans!

With Mark Hudson (with tomato sauce on beard)

With Rolando Giambelli -always on the telephone to Italy!

With Horst Fascher at Quarry Bank

With Horst (again!) and Quarrymen and Beatle Biographer Hunter Davies.

There are loads of great clips from the Quarry Bank show on Youtube, just search for “Quarrymen Quarry Bank” and you’ll find them.

The Cavern  - Liverpool Wed 13 July 2011

On Wed 13 July the Quarrymen  appeared at the Cavern in Liverpool as part of a very special event to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles’ first Cavern gig. Brought to you by WWW.BOBCOM.COM, the leading online community championing independent artists in the UK, this was the third in a series of Fasttrack initiatives to help musicians build their music careers by gaining points whenever their tracks are played and their pictures accessed.

The prize for the first competition was a week's recording at Abbey Road Studios under the supervision of music producer Steve Levine which was won by Banned Sauce, a band from Croydon who appeared on the Cavern bill. The prize for the second competition was the chance to appear on BOBCOM’s new music series “Sounds of the Cities” which was broadcast on Channel 4 last February and one of the winners, Kristina Cox from Scotland, also performed at the Cavern.

The musicians appearing on he Bobcom Event at the Cavern started their day with a Beatles Tour of Liverpool in the Magical Mystery Tour Bus, as well as visiting the Beatles homes the group arrived at St Peter’s Church Hall in Woolton Village as the Quarrymen were playing “Come go with me”! See picture below of the guys at St Peter’s with guest bassist Owen Clayton.

The Quarrymen were delighted to offer their support to BOBCOM's  competition which gave the opportunity to two unsigned bands to play live at the Cavern Club. As well as the Quarrymen and previous Fasttrack winners Banned Sauce and Kristina Cox, the programme featured three bands from Paul McCartney’s LIPA.