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Colin new book cover - CopyOur drummer, Colin Hanton, has been doing a great deal of head-scratching and brain-racking over the last two years as he has been engaged in writing his personal story up to and including his involvement with John Lennon and the Quarrymen in the late 1950s. Colin joined the group well before Paul McCartney and George Harrison and played on the Percy Phillips’ recordings of “That’ll be the Day” and “In Spite of all the Danger” with John, Paul, George and John Duff Lowe which are now tracks 3 & 4 of The Anthology. As well as providing a fascinating insight into his own and John Lennon’s early musical adventures, Colin’s book is also a social history of Liverpool and Britain, both during and after World War Two By the end of Colin’s career with the Quarrymen, the group consisted of John, Paul, George and himself - hence the book’s title -”Pre:Fab”..

Colin’s writing partner in this enterprise is his namesake, Colin Hall, known to Beatles fans as the custodian of Lennon’s childhood home, “Mendips”. A Law graduate of Liverpool University Colin’s background is in both the music business and journalism. He managed rock musicians Sam Genders and Liam Bailey and has written music features for R2, What’s on in London and Get Rhythm. Colin and his wife Sylvia - custodian of Paul McCartney’s house in Forthlin Road - are Liverpool City Region “Tourism Stars of the Year 2017”. Colin was a lead member on Bob Harris’s research team for his Sony Radio Award winning BBC Radio 2 documentary “The Day John met Paul”.

Please note that although the cover is different - changed to match with the publicity for the film documentary - the contents are the same as the first edition with the different cover!

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