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     Eric played guitar for the Quarrymen from 1956 until 1958, playing with both John and Paul. He continued to play with the revived Quarrymen from 1997 to the end of 2004. For his full story see Hunter Davies’ biography of the Quarrymen.

“I was born in Denbigh, North Wales, on 31 October 1940 and lived in a small village near Denbigh until I was 4 years old when my family returned to Liverpool.
     I lived with my mother, sister and grandparents (my father was a pilot in the RAF and was killed during the Second World War) until I was 10 when I moved to Woolton. I obtained a scholarship to Quarry Bank High School when I was 11. It was at Quarry Bank that I first met John Lennon, Pete Shotton and Rod Davis.
     After the first year at school, John, Pete and I  were in the same 'House' at Quarry and first became friendly over the next year or so becoming closer, mainly through our common interest in music and rock and roll from the USA. Interests in school activities waned in favour of girls, smoking and the music. When skiffle came along it presented the opportunity to channel our interests.
      As my mother had to work to provide for the family, the empty house in Halewood Drive was a haven for missing school and practising guitar playing. John and I went for guitar lessons, briefly, but both wanted instant music rather than lessons and it was then that John's mother taught us to play banjo chords, far easier and they sounded passable - just.
     The Quarrymen group was born and my interest in academic achievements was lost completely. Somehow I managed to obtain GCEe passes in English, Mathematics and History at the end of the fifth year at Quarry. I then left to take up an apprenticeship in engineering but kept up my school friendships, my main interest continuing to be music and the group.
     I found engineering equally as boring as schoolwork and after I left the Quarrymen in 1958, joined the Merchant Navy as a cadet navigating officer. On leave from the navy, I continued to see John and some of the others, but contact was lost after the group first recorded with EMI.
     I left the navy in 1964 when I married Relda. The wedding was at Woolton Parish Church. Since leaving the navy I worked first for the Home Office Prisons Department, implementing up to date manufacturing procedures in prison factories and later for the Scottish Prison Service, when recruited to modernise prisoners’ work in Scotland. This was in 1972 and I have lived in Scotland ever since. I have three sons, all now living and working in Edinburgh.
     I left the Prison Service in 1994 to concentrate on running the family business, a chain of Dry Cleaners.
     In January 1997, for the first time, I was tempted back to Liverpool to meet some of the former Quarrymen with an invitation to the Cavern Club's 40th anniversary. All the originals turned up and out of this came the group's performance at Woolton in July. I had to buy a guitar and re-learn a few chords.

Eric sadly died of cancer in January 2005.