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A new edition of Len Garry’s book:
“John, Paul and Me - Before the Beatles”

Len started writing a book about his friendship with John Lennon and Paul McCartney and the early days of the Quarrymen in 1995 after he was bedridden as result of damaging a calf muscle. The book finally appeared in print in 1997, providing a unique “I was there” insight from Len, who had been a schoolmate of Paul’s since he was 11 years old and who first met John in 1955 when he was introduced to him by another friend from Liverpool Institute, Ivan Vaughan.

The book was much sought after by Beatles fans and eventually went out of print some years ago. Len has been meaning to re-visit his book for quite some time and this is the long awaited result - a revised and updated edition, with even more stories - which Len launched at the Adelphi Hotel during the 2014 Beatles Week in Liverpool.

Copies are available on-line at a price of 15 plus postage.