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Pete played washboard with the Quarrymen from 1956 to Aug 1957. He also played washboard and tea-chest bass with the revived Quarrymen from 1997 to 2000 when he retired from  performing with the band. Try to find a copy of Pete’s book “Lennon in my Life”, which tells his full story. See also Hunter Davies’ biography of the Quarrymen.

“I hope that most of you will know the great pleasure of having a very special friend - or, as we call it in Liverpool, a "best mate". John Lennon was my best mate. Over a period of almost thirty years - from the time I first met him at the age of six to our last meeting in 1976 at his home in New York - I probably spent more time with him than anyone else. We managed, throughout, to keep our friendship on a private and personal level. From the laughs and adventures of our childhood to our five uproarious years at high school; from John's years of struggle and frustration to his phenomenal success as a Beatle; his involvement with LSD, the Maharishi, and Apple…right through to his meeting Yoko when I was living at his home under the guise of his "personal assistant" - I was there, with John”.