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Spellcheck fun!

When converting the old website page to a new format, we thought it would be a good idea to run it through the spellcheck, you never know what errors might have crept in, especially with my typing. However, we were surprised and greatly amused to see the alternatives which the spellchecker suggested for some of  the words and names in my text.

Here are some of the more entertaining suggestions:

John Lennon – John Lenin (we rather think he might have liked that)
Lonnie Donegan – Lone Donegal (well, he was of Irish descent)
Carl Perkins – Carl Perkiness
Elvis Presley – Elvis Priestly
McCartney – no suggested alternative!
Thom Wolke – Thumb Woke
Ringo Starr – Wring Tsar
Pete Shotton – Pete Shotgun
Len Garry - Len Garb
Rodney Davis - Rodent Davis
Colin Hanton – Wanton   (Colin Wanton - good name for a drummer!)
John Duff Lowe – John Duff Owe
Alastair “Mr Fixit” Taylor – Alsatian “Mr Fixate” Taylor
Billy Tinsley – Billy Tinselly
Gary Gibson – Gary Gibbon
Nigel Walley – Niggle Walleye
Skiffle – Skittle (many Americans call it “skittle music” anyway!)
Aidan Quinn – Aidan Quinine
Shea Stadium – Sheet Stadium
Billy J Kramer – Billy J Karma (George would really like that one)
Maggie May – Magi May
Speke – Specie
Hey Jude – Hey Judd
Beatles – Beetles
Orlando – Ireland
Fab 4  - AFB4
Mark Lapidos – Mark Lipids
Pete Seeger – Pete Seeker
Avalon Theatre – Abalone Theatre
Black open top Cadillac – Black open top Cedilla
Geoff Rhind – Goof Rhino
Juan Carlos de la Maza Lizanos – Juan Careless de la Maze Laziness
Whole lotta shakin – Whole lotto shaken