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The Quarrymen in 2014:

Auditorio de Galicia - Santiago de Compostela June 2014

Above, Len, Colin and Rod with Julia Baird and her husband Roger, plus Chema Rios from “Extrema Urgencia” on the bandstand in Santiago de Compostela, note the Liver Bird lookalike!

     Once again the Quarrymen were invited by the Galician band “Extrema Urgencia” to take part in a “Homage to John Lennon” concert in aid of the charity “Medicos sin Fronteras”. Len, Colin and Rod made the journey to La Coruna in Spain’s north-western tip from which they drove to Santiago de Compostela, the beautiful cathedral town which is the objective of the thousands of pilgrims who make the walk to the shrine of St. James.
     On the Friday before the gig, which took place on the following Sunday, the Quarrymen were fortunate to be able to play on one of the region’s top music tv shows, “LUAR”, which  plays for two hours in peak time on Friday evenings. This was the first time they had ever been asked to mime to their own cd and being used to playing everything live they were rather apprehensive, especially as the track chosen by the tv programme was “Blue Suede Shoes” which contained a piano solo! The Quarrymen’s own piano player, John Duff Lowe had not been able to make this gig due to business commitments, however a Spanish friend, Alfonso stepped into the breach and mimed brilliantly to the piano track even though he was really a guitar player!
   Len and Rod were lent a couple of John Lennon style Gallotone Champion guitars to use on the show, and fooling around with them in  the dressing room, they decided that those old guitars didn’t sound so bad after all! (see picture). The actual “tv performance” went very well, with a good plug from the presenter for the charity show on the Sunday. The sound was fantastic, obviously someone had pushed the “Kylie Minogue” button on the PA system, and the lads received a standing ovation.
   After some serious sightseeing around the old part of Santiago, including a viewing of the famous “Swinging Censer” in the Cathedral, the lads went off to the Auditorio de Galicia for the sound check and the concert itself.
  The concert was opened by an appeal by Julia Baird (John Lennon’s sister) on behalf of “Medicos sin Fronteras”. Also on the bill, which was hosted by actor/singer/humorist Javier Gurruchaga, were Spanish singer Chenoa from Mallorca, who had taken part in Andrea Bocelli’s world tour in 2011, whose repertoire included a fantastic rendition of “Kansas City”, bluesman Adrian Costa, and actor/singer Manuel Manquiña, plus of course Extrema Urgencia, who were joined by the Quarrymen for “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Twenty Flight Rock” before they closed the show with their own set.
   You can hear “Extrema Urgencia’s” first number by clicking below. We hope to have some footage of the Quarrymen’s performance here at a later date.

With the John Lennon statue in La Coruña

With our guest bassist, Antonio.

DRUSO CIRCUS - Bergamo May 2014

On Friday May 16 the Quarrymen - Len Garry, Colin Hanton, John Duff Lowe and Rod Davis arrived in Milan where they were met by the owner of Druso Circus, Davide, who sped them off to his club in Bergamo. The gig was part of the Bergamo Beatles Festival which was organised by the Magical Mystery Club, an Italian Beatles Fan Club, who had arranged concerts and exhibitions over the weekend. Davide and his wife Mariangela had opened their club five years ago and had always dreamed of getting the Quarrymen to play there, so this was the fulfilment of that dream.
     During the day before the gig the guys were given a walking tour of the fabulously beautiful Old City of Bergamo, perched high on a rock over looking the plain. This was followed by a home-cooked lunch from Mariangela.
     During the afternoon the Quarrymen visited a couple of the exhibitions put on as part of the Beatles Festival and listened to the great guitar picker Goran Kuzminac.
     They were later joined by their guest bass player, Marco Fedrigolli, for the sound check and by the fantastic blues harmonica player Fabrizio Poggi, whom Rod had met in London in 2013 when he was gigging with bluesman Guy Davis. The gig eventually got under way around 11pm to a very enthusiastic audience.
     In the second half they were joined for several numbers by not one but two harmonica players, Beatlesiani president Rolando Giambelli having also dropped in. The gig went very well and it was 3am before the Quarrymen finally hit the hay.
     Thanks to Davide and Mariangela for all their kindness, to Giancarlo for fixing up the gig, to Max and his friends for organizing the Beatles Festival, to our bass player Marco and harmonica players Fabrizio and Rolando!   

Left: with bass player Marco and
harmonica player Fabrizio (in hat)

Left: with bass player Marco and
harmonica player Rolando.

GLORIA THEATRE -  Helsinki April 2014

                                                                      Our first gig in 2014 came as a result of a chance meeting between John Duff Lowe and Finnish Beatlefan Chris Usenius in Helsinki Airport. The Quarrymen were on their way to the Hankasalmi Skiffle Festival in July 2013 and Duff thought that Chris, wearing a Beatle T-shirt, was part of the welcoming committee! One thing led to another and Chris found himself proposing a Quarrymen gig in Helsinki with himself on bass!
     Saturday 12 April was the big day, the Gloria Theatre in the middle of Helsinki was packed with a fantastic audience, and Jiri Nikkinen and the Beatles Tribute Band kicked of the evening with a one hour set consisting of numbers taken from the Beatles Hamburg Years 1960 - 62.
     Then it was the Quarrymen’s turn. After an enthusiastic reception from the audience the lads turned on the Skiffle, acccompanied by Chris Usenius on electric bass and Arto Pajukallio on Zydeco washboard. Two 45 minute sets later and Jiri and his band joined the Quarrymen on stage for a raucous finale of “Blue Suede Shoes” - see the
video below.


After dinner with Chris, Jiri and the Beatles Tribute Band

Chris enjoying himself on stage:

A few rehearsal shots:

  • Click here for a spot of Jamming on “Blue Suede Shoes”: