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UPDATED September 2021


The Quarrymen at Strawberry Field!

Sat 28 Aug 2021

For a long time now the Quarrymen promised Strawberry Field that we would play a gig for them - and at last this happened on. Saturday 28 August. Len, Colin, Chas and Rod, plus guest guitarist Chrisse Usenius, performed in the open air.

Our old friend David Bedford made a video of the event which has already clocked up 95,000 views on Youtube! To see it for yourself, click on the link below. Our thanks go to David, and of course to Strawberry Field.

John Lennon's Quarrymen Performing at Strawberry Field - 28th August 2021 - YouTube



Just about all our gigs in 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled for obvious reasons, some of them have been postponed until 2022!.

Our thoughts and good wishes go out to all our many friends throughout the world and we look forward to meeting you all again when  hopefully life returns to something like normal!

Meanwhile stay safe and keep well! - The Quarrymen

The Casbah and Pete Best’s Magical History  Beatles Museum

 now end Aug 2022

Podcast time!

Beatles fans will be delighted when they listen to Liverpool Echo’s Beatles City Podcasts hosted by Ellen Kirwin and Laura Davis. There are some ten Podcasts, featuring Sir Paul McCartney, Pete Best, Freda Kelly, David Bedford, Percy Phillips grandson Peter, Beatles authors David Bedford and Kenneth Womack, Sid Bernstein’s colleague Merle Frimark, plus Quarryman Rod Davis and his brother Bernie. Each Podcast lasts between 29 and 49 minutes and provides a fascinating insight into the personalities featured and, of course, the history of the Beatles.

Click on the link below – note that you will have to sign up to iTunes to listen to the Podcasts but there is no charge involved as long as you simply listen to them. Enjoy!

The Echo Podcasts are available at:

Antony Rotunno, an English Beatle fan living and working in Spain, has put together a series of Podcasts about John Lennon, including two interviews with Quarryman Rod Davis: You’ll need to sign up to soundcloud to be able to listen to them. Find them here:

Video time!

People have told us recently about several great videos of the Quarrymen on Youtube which have been around for a long time without our realising! So here are the links!

First up, the 40th Anniversary pf the Day John Met Paul, celebrated in Woolton in 1997 for which the Quarrymen got back together - and have been more or less together ever since!

Next - the 60th Anniversary, celebrated in 2017 - yes they’re still going strong!

And finally - a terrific promo video put together by an anonymous fan!