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UPDATED April 2018

On  Monday January 15 2018 the Quarrymen played a gig at the Liverpool Royal Philharmonic Hall in aid of the Merseyside charity - The League of  Welldoers. Also on the bill was an old friend, Mike Byrne with his group “The Beatmasters— plus a whole host of other Merseyside artistes. In  the absence of our own pianist, John Duff Lowe, Mike sat in on piano  with us. Photo shows the Quarrymen with the Beatmasters and compere Tony Ravel.

Quarrymen at the Phil Mon 15 Jan 2018


In December 2017 the Quarrymen visited the city of Usti nad Labem in the  Czech Republic at the invitation of the Boom Beatles Revival Band &  Orchestra - a group of Beatles tribute musicians who have appeared In  Liverpool’s Beatle Week - to play in their annual Christmas Concert in  aid of local cancer charities. It was a great evening - after a Q & A session the Quarrymen played a 60 minute set, followed by the Orchestra which consisted of some 25 musicians and singers. Len Garry was invited to sing “Long and Winding Road”€ť backed by the whole orchestra, who then went on to play a superb selection of Beatles music under the direction of Pavel Nepivoda. For the rest of the evening the enthusiastic crowd  was entertained by the Boom Band. The Boom and Orc even produced a 20th  Anniversary Birthday Cake for the Quarrymen as we got back together in  1997! The Quarrymen also visited the city museum to try out some of the  local folk instruments - see photo below!

Usti nad Labem Sat 16 Dec


Don’t worry! It was beer in those plastic cups!


Our 20th Birthday Cake


Wandering round Usti with Pavel..


The Quarrymen on stage.- thanks to Axel Bertram from Beatles Fanclub Aschersleben for his great photos.

Skiffle as played on a Czech Bisernice - a sort of four stringed mandolin!!


Sampling the local Pivo.

a Andrea DSCN2879

With Andrea from Dresden on the washboard!