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UPDATED Oct 2016

The Quarrymen in 2015:

Bilbao Sat 23 May:

On Saturday 23 May the Quarrymen appeared at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao in a concert organised by Acordes por la Paz in aid of Medicos sin Fronteras. As usual in Spain we borrowed Antonio, the bass player from the band “Extrema Urgencia” but as our drummer Colin Hanton was indisposed we had on drums Nikola Goņi, who made us all look very old, but he swung like the proverbial bar room door! Also on the bill was an old friend, Spanish singer Chenoa with her guitarist Javier Arpa, plus the Fakeband, Doctor Flashback and the Highlanders. As usual we were royally entertained by our Spanish friends, the highlights - apart from the concert of course - being a visit to the Guggenheim Museum and a great jam session on the Sunday night in Getxo!

If you’re interested in some video try the links below:

In my life – Quarrymen:

In spite of all the Danger – Quarrymen:

Imagine – Chenoa:

Give Peace a chance – the whole cast::

On 13/14 15 February the Quarrymen appeared in Eskilstuna, Sweden at the Beatles Weekend held in the Royal Biograph Cinema. They played a 90 minute set on the Saturday evening followed by a Q and A session on the Sunday afternoon. Guest bassist this time around was one of the organisers of the gig, Patrik Kollar, who is the man in the suit in the photo below wearing the John Lennon Quarry Bank tie! A major attraction of the weekend was the “Quarrymen Ale”, specially brewed by the local brewery - see bottle below, and the special Beatles themed menu in the adjoining restaurant, which featured Scouse made to the Liverpool FC recipe. Unfortunately we didn’t get to sample this as it sold out like hot scouse, so we had to stick to the reindeer steak!

On stage the Quarrymen were joined on washboard for “Maggie May” by an old friend of Rod Davis’s from the 1960s, Pete Douglas, who was a member of the well-known Leesiders Folk Group on Merseyside. Pete now lives in Sweden and these two hadn’t met for 47 years! Alas they are now a bit more wrinkly than when they last met!

Many thanks to Patrik, Peter, Mathias and Rolf for a great weekend!

Above: Quarrymen Ale!

Above right: with Patrik, our guest bassist.

Right: with Pete Douglas

Below: impromptu rendition at the
Q & A session.